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The YCS Mission
We provide a quality web resource for patients to use free of charge. This page will save you time and direct you to the best information sources we know of. You can find accurate and up-to-date information on your type of cancer, the standard treatment options, as well as newly emerging cancer treatments and clinical trials.

We are NOT physicians and do not diagnose or make ANY medical recommendations.

We simply coach you on how to talk to doctors, help you frame the right questions to ask at each stage of treatment, and understand the current medical information that is most relevant to your ongoing decision-making. We can sometimes refer you to doctors and/or Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Centers for the best possible care. Ultimately it is your personal responsibility to learn what you can and then make your own treatment decisions in partnership with your physician(s). We have some great success stories, especially about those who contact us as soon as possible after diagnosis. Those who wait too long usually have tougher decisions, more harsh treatment and more poor outcomes. Please don't wait.

Why We Started YCS
Diane Bradford started YCS after spending months searching online and in Email groups with other leukemia patients and their advocates, hoping to find a way to keep her husband, Richard, alive. Richard was diagnosed with a deadly type of leukemia in 1997. A stem-cell transplant (from his own remaining healthy stem cells) yielded many precious months, but by 1999 he had no more standard treatment options available and his cancer returned. There were clinical trials for a new drug, then called STI-571, in the US, but Richard did not qualify for them. Then Diane found a clinical trial at a medical center in Newcastle, England, for which he was accepted. This drug has saved her husband's life. (It is now FDA-approved and sold in the U.S. as Gleevec. If you want to know more about the story of this miracle drug, visit

After this 5 year treatment experience, many of Diane's friends insisted that she had learned so much about cancer treatments, online searching and medical decision-making, that she should put this knowledge to good use to help other cancer patients.


Your Cancer Source (YCS) is committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality when online. YCS will not divulge individual identifying information submitted to our organization to outside individuals or organizations except as required by law. If you have any questions or suggestions on any aspect of our Privacy Policy please email us.

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